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Noodle Paella (Fideua)
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CHILLED NOODLE PAELLA ready in 3 minutes in microwave

Our Chilled Noodle Paella is the ideal solution for bar, gastro pub, cafeterias, snack bars without kitchen and vending machines. Heat for 3 minutes in microwave & serve.

Ready to eat Noodle Paella, heat and serve. 

This product has been prepared following the traditional methods just a several meters away from the Natural Park of the Albufera (Valencia) Spain.

Offer your customers authentic paella in only 3 minutes.

Cooking Time: 3 minutes (microwave)

Chilled Product. One portion 320grs.

How to prepare

  • Make several small holes through the film.
  • Microwave for 3 minutes at full power (900W).
  • Let the product to settle for aproximate 3 minutes (IMPORTANT).
  • Stir contents gently before serving.


Noodle 23%, natural fish broth 9% (water, sword fish bones, monk fish, salt, onion, bell peppers, bay leaf), olive and sunflower oil 9%, crayfish 7%, red pepper 6%, crushed tomato 6%, mussels 5%, king prawn 5%, diced squid 5%, squid 5%, shrimp 5%, onion 3%, pea 3%, sweet pepper.

Nutritional values (per 100grs of product)

Average energetic value 177 Kcal 745 KJ
Protein 6,78 g
Carbohydrates 22,84 g
Fats 6,52 g

The story related to the invention of Noodle paella is part casual and part mischievous. The cook of the vessel where all this started, was Gabriel Rodriguez,  and his young kitchen helper Juan Bautista Pascual, also known as "Zábalo". Their Captain was a great fan of rice, in such a way that the rest of the sailers seldomly reached a portion of the frequent rice dishes cooked. In search of a solution to this, Mr. Rodriguez decided to substitute the rice for noodles hoping that this would be less appealing to the Captain and therefore favouring the chances of the crew to enjoy their portion.

It is a very famous dish in the Valencian Community, do not deprive yourself of this dish and its flavour.

The Mediterranean diet at your reach.

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